Monday, July 5, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (5 July, 2010) - Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea – Madison Reece is the poet that is responsible for Afternoon Tea, a poetry blog that captivates and enslaves her readers. Her ability to lure you in with short spice filled poetry is merely half this blogs lure. Madison’s simple layout is punctuated with perfectly selected photos that help to emphasize her prose. A wonderful example of this is her poem about a simple Sunday morning “Untitled”. Her sleepy narrative combined with the photo she chose is a perfect combination of passion and calm awakening. Madison’s poem is a must read that invokes a craving for more of her work. Start with this poem and it’s a promise you will spend an afternoon traveling her words and enjoying the many places they take her readers. Afternoon Tea is simply well worth your time and possibly a few scones.

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