Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poem of the Week (6 July 2010) - Picture of a Man

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"Somewhere in the Universe"

Picture of a Man

Be I not what you envisioned a man?
Has your world dictated a role for me
That no young man shall be old of heart?
Nor have aging eyes at twenty three

Should I rave just like the drunkards do?
Would you then accept me in the clan?
Or if I speak with a closed and youthful mind
Be I not what you envisioned a man?

Must the masculine man make me look like your scum?
And throw scorn on the scum until I agree
To be the man I’m supposed to parade
When your world dictates a role for me

My youthful body remains unused
Though your world said it ought from start
But I’ve grown out of those childish games
This young man shall be old of heart

The blue in my eyes are engulfed by grey
More colourful than your hollow stare conveys
Don’t scorn the man you fail to see
In his aging eyes at twenty three

What picture shall you paint of men?
Be they not what you envisioned?

By Herb Alyètte

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