Saturday, September 11, 2010

Susannah Bec

Susannah Bec lives with her partner and three adorable cats in a village in the English countryside and when not blogging can usually be found with her much loved sister attached to the other end of the phone line.

Susannah really enjoys the creative process and believes that creativity is an energy that we can tune into. She loves it when you can feel the person and their energy shining from within whatever has been created, whether it is in a painting, a poem, or a cake!

She believes the inner journey is the most adventurous journey you can take and has been a wayfarer of the inner paths for many years. She loves the oceans and the world of nature. She adores colours and laughing and believes that both light and dark are necessary and that happiness is a choice in where you choose to focus your attention.

If you would like to know more about Sussanah please visit her at her blog Out of my Ocean.

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  1. Passing through two of her blogs, i have really "bewitched" by her Beauty. She does master the image, vocabulary and feeling. With Susannah I could feel of that worldly saying of Keats: "Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty".
    God bless her.


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