Monday, September 6, 2010

Say Hello

 This week we bring you the crazy 8.  I honestly do not know if they are crazy but all of us as poets probably seem a little off our rockers to our friends anywyas.  So without further delay please give a warm welcome to the latest Poets to join us here at Poets United.  If you get the chance stop by their blogs and browse their wonderful poetry.  We currently have 23 Groups and 91 members and continue to to grow and thats because you all make this community worth joining!! 

K A Shaw @ K A Shaw's Poetry Blog       

Sender UpWords @ Can You Spare a Word or 5

Joanny @ Live Dream Love            Philip Thrift @ poetical bits

Rebecca Burt @ Redprisma

Dennis Go @ Deeper Linings





  1. To All New Poets United Members,
    Welcome to our warm and friendly Blog Site.
    We may be a little crazy( at times!),
    but we also embrace and welcome all new members.
    I think that at Poets United, you will find a superb range of poetry and writing skills and subjects and make some new friendships along the way.
    Welcome aboard,
    Best wishes,

  2. I have included your link in a rhyme of mine
    take a look, if you get the time

  3. I am crazy! If i wasn't I would wind up in a mental hospital !!!!

    Thanks for the welcome!

  4. Redprisma is my daughter....Rebecca,i just had to share that....:-) She is a very amazing young lady...she has been through a lot, and has a lot to offer this world...she is artistic with paint and with words.... she is a poet indeed! :-)


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