Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Life of a Poet - Jingle

By Robert Lloyd

Today we sit down with a person who is the epitome of positive. When our parents told us if we don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all they never had children like Jingle. She is the smile that brightens many a person’s day. Jingle is the mastermind behind the poetry blog Promising Poets Parking Lot. Why such an odd name you may ask, well so did we. “My poetry blog is named Promising Poets Parking Lot because I intend to paint a vivid image to demonstrate the blog as a good stopping place for all poets, especially those who are willing to share their poetry, give encouragement to other poets in the community, and so much more.” Having put it that way I’m fairly certain she has accomplished this.

Ji is Jingle’s real name and she grew up in eastern part of the globe and now resides in the South Central U.S. When asked what he most recent risk taking adventure was she happily replied “starting the Thursday Poets Rally after less than two months of blogging experience. Via the Rally, I have made so many friends, including poets and other fiction writers, and via poets, I have discovered Poets United, which is a blessing to my blogging experience as a poet.” I think we can all agree that starting our individual blogs have definitely been an adventure of one sort or another.

PU: You are always so positive, helpful and upbeat, how do you manage, what keeps you so fun spirited?

J: As a matter of fact, my followers, poets in my Thursday Poets Rally, and other inspiring communities such as Poets United are perfect reasons to keep me fine tuned.  Encouraging comments in my posts, supportive communication such as this interview, plus awards or special notes from fellow bloggers are the reason for my continuing efforts in creating a pleasant and fun atmosphere in blogging world.

PU: What about poetry makes you want to write? Do you remember writing your first poem? If not what is earliest thing you can remember writing a poem about?
J: I was recited riddles and poems by my father and grandfather when I was little. After I became a mother, I began to read books, including thousands of poems to my baby.  I wrote my first poem at that time, I wrote it trying to have fun describing how cute my baby is (he was 3 years old). I was astonished by what I had done. “I can write”, that was my reaction.

PU: What style of poem do you write the most? What about poetry do you find the most annoying or unreadable and why?
J: I love writing Haikus, I also love writing about nature and my style is free. I intend to make my poems rhyme most of the time, and rest of the time, I simply write about what inspires me …I enjoy all forms of poetry, I do not find any poetry annoying so far.

PU: Some say the internet has created better exposure for poets and some say it has flooded the world with too much poetry. In your opinion has the internet helped or hurt poetry?

J: Internet has helped poetry. People have choices, no one will force others into certain group poetry activities…for me, I choose what I please to read and enjoy.  I learn from poetry posted online. Without the internet, my access to poetry would be limited to a few books in library.

PU: Your site is all about exposing folks to poetry and sharing with others. Why do you even worry about others and not just focus on your own writing?
J: Excellent question! My site focuses on group poetry, because communication helps and improves poetry writing and reading in more meaningful way. I believe that talent is important, but character and personality are also profound to a poet’s success. I try to help poets, including myself build a more solid and global sense.  We are not alone as poets.  We share things in common with others and we have our differences. Because one’s worldview impacts one’s writing a community is a great way to share these thoughts.  With the positive influence of such communities folks write and share more.

PU: What poem, written by you, do you like the most and why?
J: I wrote a poem titled Be True, I love it very much because the words came from my heart and reflect my mindset at that moment.

 PU: Do you have a favorite poet? If so who are they? What is your favorite poem by them?
J: I grew up in an Eastern country, I read poets from there, many famous poems from the Tang dynasty.  These are not translated into English.  After coming to America, I did not intentionally select poetry to read,  I read lots of fiction and took an advanced childrens’ literature course as a requirement to get my Master’s Degree in education, majoring in teaching, learning, and leadership.  I have read some poets, such as Emily Dickinson and like her work. One I enjoy the most from her is Not in Vain.

Not in Vain

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain:
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.
~ Emily Dickinson

PU: Music inspires a lot of folks as it can be and most often is poetry itself. Do you listen to music when you write? What is your favorite type of music? What artist did you last purchase music for?
J: Yes, I listen to music. I love classical music, both of my boys play Cello, thus I enjoy going to concerts.  I do listen to music when I write, most of the time I enjoy listening to Mozart and Bach.

PU: If you were entered into a hot dog eating contest, how many hot dogs could you eat in 2 minutes? What is your most favorite thing to eat?
J: I can only eat 1 or no hot dogs within 2 minutes. I barely eat hot dogs, my general food is rice and vegetable. My favorite food is fried dumplings.

PU: What other poets in the poetry blogosphere do you like to read or visit the most?
J:  There are so many!! Among the hundreds of them I read the following poets on daily basis:
Someone is Special @ Few Miles

These poets write excellent poetry and have their distinguished styles, I admire their excellence in poetry, plus their true friendship.

PU: Poets are often creative on many different levels, when you are not writing what other hobbies or creative things do you do? What other talents do you have?
J: My other hobbies are crafting such as making bracelets and bookmarks.  I have been a graduate student for about 8 years.  I've done a lot of lesson plans, book reviews, research proposal writings while I was pursuing my Master of Science in Education so that kept me pretty busy.  Later, I obtained a Masters of Science in Math and engaged in math education activities by teaching college algebra, business calculus, trigonometric, and so on. I have shifted my life focus from getting more advanced degrees to writing, especially poetry writing. I loved math and I loved math education, now, I love poetry and poetry writing more.

PU: Everyone has their favorites quotes they live by or repeat, mine is “He who Laughs…Lasts” ~ Mary Pettitbone Poole. What quote do you use often or live by.
My favorite quote:

"Smile, smile, smile away worries,
Think, Think, wisdom is born from thinking."

Ive known this quote since when I was young, never really knowing whose words they are.

Poets United is thankful to have members like Jingle whose cheerfulness and constant praise help show what a great community this can be. We appreciate the fact she took the time to sit down with us and tell us about what makes her so darn happy. Jingle is always quick with an award and praise and her community is full of poets who are encouraging, positive and a fun to visit. If you have a little time on your hands make sure and pop on over to Promising Poet’s Parking Lot as you are sure to find great poetry and great friends while you are there.

There is much more to a poet than just their poetry. The folks that live behind the pen can be some of the most interesting people around. We look forward to giving our readers an intimate and personal look at some of the other poets found here at Poets United in future, so be sure to return to Poets United each week to see who we chat with next. Who knows it may be you that we talk to next.


  1. Many thanks for the highlight,
    u truly make my day!

    I hope more poets join Poets United,
    more poets get highlighted like this...

    Happy Wednesday!
    I am impressed about what an outstanding job you have done to represent Promising Poets Parking Lot, and more...

    Blessings for Poets United and for All who serve this promising community.

  2. Love this interview, and yes, Positive is the right word to describe Jingle:)Jingle, your comments are always so upbeat and encouraging..........I enjoyed very much learning more about you and am very impressed at your advanced math degrees - I thought poets werent usually good at math but you have proved that theory wrong! I love the photo of you up top - beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Love the insightful look into your world Jingle!

  4. Jingle has been my friend for a long time, we faithully visit each other no matter what, this is a kind fitting tribute to an awsome talent, bravo xx

  5. Jingle it is wonderful to get to know you better....just love your blog, and am glad you are here at Poets United! :-)

  6. Lovely tribute to a wonderful poet and inspiration, love you Ji :) xxoo

  7. Many thanks, Sherry Blue Sky and Flaubert,
    U Guys are super supportive....
    Without your support, I am nowhere seen as where I am...
    I am impressed by quality poetry from both of you.....

  8. Jingle has done so much in our community and I admire her talent and wonderful uplifting spirit. She truly is an inspiration to us all, what a wonderful tribute!! Ji, it is so refreshing to get to know more about you...what a clever Lady you you Ji!! x

  9. Great to know more about you!=D Wonderful :3~ thank for making this wonderful journey so full of excitement and interesting moments going on=3

  10. Wow... Cho Chweet Interview. What a positive vibe in your words. I always learnt a lot from you Ji...

    You know what? I am on Cloud Nine Jingle.. Thanks for the mention... I am honored....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow...!!!!

    Thanks you so so much for your encouraging words.. I get inspired by those... Thanks Ji..I will put this link in my blog and am proud of it... Long Live Friendship..

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  11. I am so happy that Jingle was highlighted here at Poet's United...she truly has been a blessing to so many writers and poets blogging all over the globe...this is well deserved..and I am forever amazed at her willingness to help and bring out the best in others.....bkm

  12. Jingle,
    I have enjoyed 'getting to know you', via this interview.
    I have always appreciated your visits to my blog and your kind and generous comments.
    Best wishes with all your writing.

  13. Nice interview, Jingle. Always nice to have you pay a visit to my blog and to pay a visit to yours!

  14. William, Carrie, and Mia, many thanks for the support and kindness...

    Happy Thursday!

  15. what a refreshing interview! it gave all of us the chance to get to know jingle better. indeed, she is a great source of joy and encouragement in the blogging world. no wonder her community has grown so fast.

    thanks for featuring her here. she truly deserves it. =)

  16. buttercup600, Riikainfinityy, Someone Is Special, Signed-bkm, Amanda, Eileen, Mary, And pinklady,

    Thanks a ton for the supportive words...
    I truly enjoy all of your poetry and friendship, I wish I can list more than 100....

    I am thrilled to see you all join Poets United, this place adore poets from all walks of life, hope that you have fun here....

    U R Welcome To Poets Rally Any Time...

  17. oh wow - thanks for this fantastic interview - it's such a pleasure to learn a bit more about jingle, who is for sure..the epitome of positive…i like her poetry a lot and her encouraging comments as well…and now i even know how she looks like…

    thanks a lot - this was great!

  18. Thanks for the kind words, Claudia,
    your talent is irreplaceable.

  19. So happy to read more about you, Jingle! Wonderful interview!

  20. I've seen the nurturing and wisdom of an older soul when I read your words.

  21. I just found this link from Jingle's site.

    What a wonderful interview. It's nice to know a little more about the people we are following.

    Great job Jingle and of course thank you to Claudia & Poets United.

  22. Sorry...I meant to say thanks to Rob.


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