Friday, September 3, 2010

Poet History

Poets United would like to introduce you to our new ongoing series Poet History. All of us as writers have our favorite poets and authors that help inspire us to put pen to paper, but how much do we really know about them? Some of us draw inspiration from a poem or two but do we really ever go deeper than that? Do we attempt to see what the inspiration behind the poem or the person themselves was? If you have, then that is an admirable undertaking. If you have not, then that is what we want to do with this series.

The idea behind Poet History is to learn a little bit more about the great poets of yesterday and today. We are the ones of tomorrow I hope. A unique aspect of this series is the articles and posts will be presented to us by some of our very own members found here in Poets United. Each week we will get the opportunity to learn about an individual that helped shaped the poetry landscape into what it is today and we will do so through the eyes and words of our very own peers. We here at Poets United hope that you will to grow to appreciate this series as it shows the dedication and hard work of our community to make this a wonderful and informative place for poets everywhere.

Should you have a poet you would like to suggest for us to write about or you wour self want to write for this series please feel free to contact Poets United as we always welcome suggestion or help.

Our first article in this series will be:

W.H. Auden

Jacob Knowles-Smith

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  1. Awesome idea, Robb! You keep coming up with ways to engage us with poetry. You do a fantastic job! I love this site and the wonderful people in this community!


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