Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Thursday Think Tank - #13 A Kiss

Life, the gift of nature, Love, the gift of life, a Kiss, the gift of Love
~ Unknown

A kiss
The last person you kissed
Your first kiss
The kiss you’ve always wanted
A child’s kiss
The relative you don’t want a kiss from
A goodbye kiss

So much can be said by such a simple gesture. What is in a kiss? What does it mean to you? Is it pain or pleasure? This week take a few moments and think about what a kiss most represents to you and write about it. We look forward to seeing what such a moment can inspire in you.


  1. Sounds fun hugs and kissesXD

  2. I took the easy way out. Wrote about kisses (and other similar things) I think most everyone enjoys!

  3. This could be difficult, but I will give it a chance xoxo

  4. Robert and Poets United friends,

    I am very quickly off the starting pad this week. Enthusiasm is overflowing!


  5. The second I saw the prompt I thought of the band, LOL! A more difficult one, but always enjoyable! Thanks! =)


  6. I love the prompt! I went in totally different direction than my normal writing.

  7. I almost titled this one Sin2, but thought better of it. Mine is about a first kiss that didn't turn out well,


  8. The prompt is beautiful this week. The image stunning.

  9. "That Saturday night I kissed", I wrote today. Thanks for the prompt -- a very good one.

  10. "Kiss the Chemicals Valerie" --

    Nice think tank, thought I'd turn it up on a notch....and explore another style of writing that I tend to do...quite infrequently. I think you guys will want to KISS me for this.

  11. Who likes open mouth kissing?
    Check out my Think Tank post!!!


    Here is the direct link to my poem!

  13. i finally got to join this week... sorry for late post. i couldn't let this prompt pass.

    'tis a kiss that sealed my fate ;)

    happy weekend to all of you!

  14. So many ways to go with this one...what fun!
    Have really enjoyed reading everyones prompt!

  15. ~Kiss of Death~

    Not every kiss comes without a price, yet many are willing to pay for their desires and lust.

  16. Really enjoying reading them all :o)

  17. Wow...I am really late to my own party lol. I will try reading most everyones this thursday as you all prepare for a new prompt lol.


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