Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog of the Week~Kim Nelson

Kids, this week we are very happy to feature Kim Nelson Writes as our Blog of the Week. Kim is on staff at Poets United, tirelessly bringing us the Classic Poetry series every Saturday, with little fanfare and complete reliability. Kim, it's about time we said Thank You! We Appreciate You! and We Love You! Thanks for all of those wonderful poets you remind us about each Saturday. And for just being you.

Kim lives in Tuscon, Arizona, is an award-winning author, was a regular columnist for Sunset magazine for several years, and is a freelance writer. Her site often features her beautiful photography, and her poetry will knock your socks off. Here are a few samples:

 Beloved Wounded

The turmoil you experience
Discomfort over ledge
Pushed to diversion
Released through razor’s edge
Or flame

Memories that haunt you
Cruel beyond the pale
Pushed to derision
Like Christ, cut, pierced by nail
Then shame

Safe childhood denied you
Adoration never felt
Pushed to destruction
Blood tasted, burnt flesh smelt
No blame

If only inner Goddess
You would claim
And then from here forth reign

Let them be damned

Another gem:


Is upon me
I have passed through
season’s door

No reason to revisit

or settle score

Eyes are focused

toward full future
holding more

Aware of 

what’s important
Spring and Summer
account for

My revolution

Soul evolution
Love’s contribution

Thus now I soar

Open heart
open mind
toward Winter

And one more: 

Sea water
Soothes the weary one
Invigorates lugubrious
Embraces e’en the shunned

Sea water

Washes spirit clean
Opens heart to others
From unfit gradually weans

Sea water

A gift from earth, sun, sky
Origin of life
Awakening is nigh

This is the Garden Angel in Kim's bird and butterfly garden,
visible from her writing desk. An inspiring scene!

Check it out, kids. There are a plethora of wonderful poems and photos to gladden your heart at Kim Nelson Writes. Thanks, Kim, for all of your behind the scenes work on-site, and for being such a loyal and faithful member of our community.


  1. Oh yes...Kim's blog is definitely worth a visit. Always a favorite stopping place of mine. Thank you for highlighting it this week, Sherry. And the works you chose, of Kim's many works, blow me away.

    Kim, I so often enjoy the down-to-earth honesty of your poetry. "Beloved Wounded" is one of my favorites. Thank you so much, as well, for all you have done for Poets United. We can all be enriched by learning about the classic poets.

  2. One of my favorite blogs too!

  3. Thank you so much Kim for your work!

  4. Only last night I read Kim's works for the first time, and I got hooked. Congrats Kim..and thanks Mary for all that you're doing for Poets United. It has become my favorite place now:)

  5. Excellent feature! I encourage everyone to read Ms. Nelson's work. Every week, I look forward to seeing what she has plied craft-wise (she has a definite focus on writing technique, which is thoroughly enjoyable and impressive to me).

  6. Kim Nelson is an absolute pleasure to read. She is a "must read".

  7. So happy Kim is being featured! She has such a creative voice in so many facets! Congrats Kim! Excellent choices sharing Kim's voice~
    Great pick Sherry!

  8. Kim,

    This is a moment to say an extra 'Thank You,' for your poetic connection with Poets United; through both your words and your wonderful spirit of sharing. You are a steadfast soul...

    Eileen :)

    Thank you Sherry, for this great opportunity.

  9. Last night Sherry sent a note telling me of this feature. Made me smile with gratitude and glee. I love Poets United and the community it fosters. I have learned much from all of you and hope to continue to do so. Thank you for the generosity of spirit and support shown here. I AM humbled and appreciative. Blessings, all!

  10. Well deserved recognition Kim. You rock!

  11. Great to see Kim being featured here Sherry. Her poetry frequently 'knocks my socks off' as we English say when we think something is awesome.
    Lovely to see this recognition for a great talent and as an artist too.

  12. Thanks, Sherry. Kim's poetry is extraordinary. The garden must be quite an inspiration while writing.

  13. Oh, Kim!! I love your view!! Your writing has always stood out to me since the first read...such beautiful work featured here today...congratulations on blog of the week. :)

  14. one of those blogs which has been an abiding source of inspiration and joy and Kim has always been an enthusiastic supporter of others like us. delightful feature!

  15. beautiful, beautiful interview Kim...truly you ARE and inspiration!

  16. What an incredible garden and wonderful poetry! Such perfect meter and words--very impressive. Thank you Sherry for bringing Kim into the light :-)

  17. Thank you Sherry, for sharing this poet's work. Her blog is one I like to visit.

  18. Great choice - I truly admire her art.

  19. A unique talent. I run out of adjectives to capture her splendour.


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