Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wonder??? Wednesday #3 Wonderful

Today, I'm going to introduce an author to you, that has changed many lives.  Some of you will be familiar with her voice, her outlook on life and her daring soul.  This writer has broken the mold, in terms of what works and what doesn't.  She was told, she wasn't going to make it. And she did!
I am talking about Self-Help.Motivational.Creative Being:  SARK !!!    Sark stands for Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.  You can see why she shortened it ;D  How does one begin to describe this wonderful, vibrant and a bit wacky woman!   I'll begin with my encounter: 

Sark came into my life, I'd say not long after my Dad died. After college, I would usually head home, start supper,  then go to work at the theater. I commuted to college n' still lived at home. One day I decided to go to the mall for a bit. I went in a card shop and found SARK on a card.  I was touched by her words and loved the bright, vibrant colors. The next week, I received a SARK card in the mail, from a friend. She suggested, maybe I should read one of her books.  So, I went and found a book, but couldn't afford it. So, once a week I would frequent a book store and open her books up at random, and read her words.  She is a person who inspires you to dream, dare and do.  I started a journal with colored pencils, but felt this was her style.  I needed to find my own.  In this book:  "Living Juicy, Daily Morsels For Your Creative Soul"  She invites you to jump for joy on the inside.  She is a survivor of sibling incest and through counseling found a way to heal.  This book has a serendipity feel, to it.  I usually open the pages at random and see what speaks to me. I do this 3 times.  Here let me share SARK with you!  (was going to color all the o's till I saw how many)!

 Sometimes she is rather playful n' fun other times more on a serious note!
 Wow, right!  This is only a tip of the beautiful iridescent work of  SARK.
Here I will share some of her words blended together at random:

"Consider your dreams and talents, your savings accounts. Begin spending some. "

"Take yourself for an adventure, roaming walk. Bring no money and smile at everyone you meet."

"  Learn to celebrate your SELF! You are outrageously wonder.full and delightfully imperfect, and deserve to be celebrated!"  

"Gift your.self  well and wisely enjoy you"

Leaf through a a tree

Nature stands waiting to be enJOYed.

Believe in everything until you find out otherwise.

Send telepathic hugs
lie down or sit quietly. Picture a person who is not nearby that you would like to hug.  Gather light into your heart and build a mental tube towards the person. Visualize the hug, both given and received and send it through the tube.   ;D did it work?!

Give to others 
we are all stars and angels

What one small thing can you do know to make "your life more succulent?"

Me, I'm going to go bounce on the trampoline!  

Write a poem, while standing on your head, go hug a tree, and tie a red ribbon on your finger or toe to get the  'living juicy' vibe.   Maybe dance at night looking at the stars, ride a creative bicycle full of joy and cast your dream, like a kite into the sky.  Begin whatever calls to you-follow that voice.


  1. I have tried it again. For this week's Wonder Wednesday I have contributed a Acrostic Haiku. Come enjoy the read.

  2. Great prompt, Ellie. Will be back after work.....

  3. Ella, you are incorrigible!.
    And I can never pass up one of your prompts:-)

  4. I will also be around after work,can't wait to read everyone.

  5. rch-I look forward to yours :D

    Aprille-Thank you! You are sweet :D SARK is amazing~

    Sherry-I know you love SARK, as much as me~

  6. Poets united! I like this.
    I followed 4sure.
    Check out my blog about my band Terminally Ill

  7. So. Much. Fun. I may go on a SARK binge all the colored fonts!!!! And online it says she has a WHOLE PLANET! Whu-hoo!

  8. So glad I didn't miss this! Thanks for the introduction Ella!

  9. Laura-She is amazing~ Such a wonder of the ordinary is captured and turned around by her view, her words~ SARK's world would be amazing place to live :D

    Sherry-Yes, a whole planet, lol She is a powerhouse of amazement :D
    I know I want a rainbow of color to splash in~

  10. YAY! i made it on time! thanks for introducing me to SARK, Ella. i'm going to have to check her stuff out. i'm not sure that i interpreted the prompt correctly ~ i wrote about something i had been without for decades due to fear which i was finally able to overcome with a lot of help. {smile}

    i've been up, literally all night but i'll come back tonight to visit others. promise!


  11. wise words:give to others, we are all stars and angels.

  12. Ella I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing yet another uplifting individual :-)
    I am going to write a poem this weekend and share it Sunday.

  13. I had some needed fun with this. Thank you, Miss Ella, for the playfulness and for SARK. I am not able to read the bejeweled lettering as it switches up rainbow-like within the line, but I enjoy the colors.

    BTW, I wrote one for the Seuss prompt too.

  14. Susan-I loved your SARK poem...I'll be back to find the Seuss one~
    SARK is amazing, happy you liked her!

    SaraV-Ok! I look forward to it~ SARK tries to see the best in life :D

    Paige-Yes, what a great way to see the world! :D

    Dani-I loved your interpretation! An all-nighter, oh, yeah-I know how that goes~ You picked everyone's favorite color in your poem! I am happy for YOU <3

  15. Only just catching up with this. It lifted my spirits. I love SARK!


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