Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wonder??? Wednesday #4 Wax

I thought today, we would be enlightened, with the word Wax.  I am thinking of candles, beeswax ones that smell amazing.  I love the mood candles set.  How they illuminate any occasion and make it seem special.   There is a new art form, which I am sure some of you have heard off.  It is called Encaustic.  Actually it is not new, it is old, around four thousand years,  maybe more.  Its humble beginnings are linked back to ancient Greece.  The pigmented wax was used to seal their ships, so they would be watertight.   Encaustic means to burn, but in this regards it is to paint with melted wax.  It can be simple, such as beeswax melted and painted onto a collage or special blends of wax n' resin, in a wide range of colors. The art has a luminous quality and the lovely scent of honey.

Here is a video showing this art form:

I would like you to think about wax.  We use candles to celebrate birthdays, for romance, and when the power goes out.  Pen a poem that illuminates wax and shines the light,  on a memorable occasion you loved!


  1. I didn't Pen a new poem for this prompt but, I hope you like it anyways.

  2. Hi Bradley-I am sure I will :D

  3. I liked your poem Bradley, I hope you enjoy mine.

  4. Ella! Have you been in my studio?! I have been experimenting with, learning, playing, loving encaustic since my Santa Fe trip in the spring. Challenging, the process creates other-worldly dimensions. So much fun! I'll try to write a piece to accompany one of my paintings... or perhaps create a painting to accompany the poem that emerges first.

  5. I will post, but time's lacking me today, but I will compose a new haiku for this week's wonder wednesday.

  6. Thanks, Ellen, for inviting this poem!

  7. The first time my name is listed, the link is wrong. Ignore #4 and go to #5. Dear administator, please eliminate #4 if possible! 8-)

  8. Mary Ann-I will take care of it! I did enjoy it though :D
    Thank you! @>------

    Kristjann-It is okay, I won't close the link till later this weekend!
    You have time~ :D Sounds great~

    Kim-I'm so jealous! This is what I want to do! Funny, we have a lot of serendipitous moments! I love it~ Can't wait to see and learn more from you! I'm excited, whatever works best for you :D

    ListeningDaisy-I love how you attached a memory! :D

  9. Hi Ella,
    Enchanted again by a prompt of yours here at Poets United, I wrote a new poem. I post it rough and raw, but happily. I hope all is well!

  10. Hi Susan-I think that will work ;D Thank you!

    Dani-Thank you~ <3 Good!

  11. My poem is a layering effect, so I added it. It reminds me of this art form, but I am going to try to write another one, too :D

  12. oops! i overlooked the last line of the prompt "and shines the light, on a memorable occasion you loved!"

    i hope mine still qualifies, Ella!

  13. Great prompt Ella! I love candles, especially during this season. They make the room feel and look cozier.

  14. Ella, could this prompt be twisted into 'burning the midnight oil'?
    I had an experience over three hours this past night that truly makes the light shine for me.

  15. Aprille-Your imagination can dance wherever you like! :D

    Laura-I so agree! The candle photo is of a Warm Vanilla Candle-it smells amazing and reminds me of being a child. I dabbled Vanilla Ext on as perfume, when I was little. lol sssh, don't Candles warm our memories! Thank you!

    Dani-No, it doesn't have to, it can! I didn't do that yet....
    Go in any direction you want! I just try to conjure up a way to unite all of us. Candlelight stirs memories, but it isn't the only way to do the prompt! All poems seem to find a way to ignite our memories. ;D

  16. I so love candles. Peace, kids. Candles seem to bring it with them!

  17. Four of my friends happen to have birthdays today, so I wrote a birthday themed poem for this prompt. I could write a great many more poems on this prompt--well chosen!

  18. Ella,

    My poem may not be accurate with the theme, but I have linked it any way....
    I have been absent recently due to holidays, but more recently illness.It is hard getting back into writing again.
    Thank you to those who have left a comment, I will try and reciprocate.

    Eileen :)

  19. Visit my wax museum at:

  20. Sara-I'll be couldn't link?

    Eileen-I so hope get better soon! I have had a virus for a couple of days-my husband brought it home, from a trip. It feels like head trauma! Sending you get well wishes @>------

    Wordcoaster-How cool is that! That is a lot of cake ;D and cheer!

    Sherry-Well said and so true...they really do subdue the mood~

  21. Lex calls me the Candle Queen. Any excuse to be bathed in candlelight, and some women do appreciate this light as we age, since it's forgiving and gives one a glow.

    My poem isn't about us, but a young couple for whom even a new candle is a precious thing. Enjoy, and now on to yours! Amy


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