Monday, October 8, 2012

Poem of the Week ~ the Tired Monk

Kids, from the early days of Poets United, we have all loved and enjoyed Old Ollie's Tired Monk poems at Humbucker Poems. Ollie's unique, monk-like and loving view of the world fills our hearts with gladness. This one says it all, as only Ollie can say it. 

monk's work

temple dog shivers
her sacred forest duty...done
she waits
wonders at the tired monk's delay

he's thinking on monk's work

daily duties:
unbreaking hearts                        
   turning songs to prayers

Wonderful, no? Thanks, Ollie, for your wisdom, your compassionate heart, and for the unique glimpses of your world that you share with us. Keep 'em coming! 


  1. I love Ollie's voice! Thank you Sherry for shining the spotlight, on his soothing soul~
    Tired Monk always inspires me! :D

  2. Great choice, Sherry!
    I love Ollie's work, which is always simple and direct, yet deep and meaningful.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to his poetry, I will go look at it now...

  4. Beautiful sharing, Sherry! I am reading him for the first time and am completely mesmerized. Must read more of his works now..Thank you!!

  5. This is well deserved Ollie. Write on.

  6. Thanks and blessings to all you poets. You truly do make this monk less tired.

  7. Enjoyed this poem greatly, Ollie. Love your style and your spirit. Sherry, great choice of poem and poet.

  8. Awesome. I'm a big fan.

  9. Old Ollie,

    you are very deserving of this acolade for your words and your support for The Tired Monk. I have enjoyed reading about his life over the past years. Thank you for your support at my Blog as well:)

    Happy Autumn,

  10. I love sweet is that temple dog...and the monk with his selfless service. I'll have to pay another visit to Old that name too.

  11. I discovered Ollie recently and get much inspiration from his work.

  12. Yes, I always love the Tired Monk. Unique indeed!

  13. Wise and masterful one, another vote from here.

  14. As the name of Ollie's blog implies - he rocks!


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