Monday, October 29, 2012

Poem of the Week ~ The Unknown Gnome

Kids, it was easy to find the poem of this week this time. I made my morning cup of tea, saw that The Unknown Gnome had a new poem, clicked on it, and was totally flamboozled. Methinks, it is his best poem ever. Let me know if you agree.

Steve writes lovely romantic verse from a castle in the clouds in Cantabria, Spain, where he lives  with his fair Dulcina. (Be still, my heart!) If you haven't done so yet, check him out at The Unknowngnome Poems. He says he is "a simple gnome, writing simple poems", but we beg to differ.

Sir Gnome

Untitled - October 24, 2012

autumn holds no boundaries

leaving summer to wed the winter...

from the memories of a dream life

through the rattling ghost of time

alone in a poem i cry

here there is no prayer heard

but the beggar's unceasing bowl

vocabularily unfulfilled


a widow's mite

as might as well

been pitched into a wishing well

for in the shaded hush of dusk

the dust of man does blow

down the street

and down the nose

yet look to the stars above

and with head tilted back twirl

succumb the blurry dizzy faint



love your life away

nurture laughter

and let not storms

destroy your verses of flowers the climbs of ivy arms
Beautiful, isn't it? Here's a peek at their breathtaking view in Cantabria.
It is almost too much - two poets, in Spain. Sigh.
Thanks, Steve, for being living proof that Romance is still alive and well, and for your valuable contribution to our community


  1. What a beautiful poem choice, Sherry. I always love to read the Unknown Gnome's poetry! You are right, there is nothing 'simple' about his poetry!

  2. Simple it is not, intricately pretty it is.

  3. Sherry,... beautiful,deep, meaningful lines. First time I am reading Unknown Gnome's poetry. Mesmerized :)
    Thanks for sharing..

  4. Wow and yikes!

    Wow, what an honor to have this poem selected as Poem of the Week!

    Yikes, because there are so many far more deserving pieces being written out there!

    Thank you Sherry and thank you all my fellow poets, readers and commenters for all your time and efforts.

    And if you'd really like to read about the fulfilling of one's dream please read this.

    1. Thank you, UG — I have read the piece you link to before, and enjoyed re-reading just now. Can't believe I didn't comment previously, but I have now. :)

  5. What a beautiful poem with such rich images and absolutely good advice. May we all love life, live our dreams. Great selection Sherry.

  6. It is a lovely poem indeed, I like "a widow's mite as might as well been pitched into a wishing well" so true sometimes. Will surely check out your other poems

  7. oh i love "awake / anew" and "and let not storms / destroy your verses of flowers." certainly a deserving poem of the week, thoughtful, well-written and just beautiful. x

  8. Oh Sherry I love this poem and how it captures so much of your world at this point in time~ I love the guided wonderful :D

  9. This is beautiful, so much thought behind it, and it lifts you to the whole scene! Love it :)

    I've started my own poetry blog recently and it would be amazing if I could get some feedback!!! :)

  10. Glad you all enjoyed the selection, kids. And TUG, how sweet to link to my Love Song piece. I enjoyed surprising you - I love my job!!!!!


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