Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wonder Wednesday? #7

Well pretties, I mean poets since it is Halloween, I saved wicked for today.  What do you think of when you hear the word wicked?  I think of the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch.  Growing up in Maine, we sometimes describe something good, as wicked. I know sounds crazy, but it is a Stephen King kind of world,up there... muWHahahaha.  I also think of the play Wicked, but wicked doesn't have to go in this direction. You could describe anything you like, weather, an outfit, a book, etc.  This can be in Trick or Treat fashion or not.

This woman creeps me out...she probably was a sweet old lady, but there is something sinister about her eyes!

Yes pretties, I mean poets it is I...

I'm casting a wicked spell, I mean recipe. My daughter wants help making Cinnamon Rolls.  I hope you are enchanted with  WICKED !  Off you go, now and write a poetic spell, perhaps you will turn a few heads!   I'll be back my pretties to get you, I mean to read your poems!  I hope they are wicked good-muWHhahaha!!!!

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  1. First one posting, I feel a bit wicked...

  2. For Ella, who brightens my Wednesdays.

  3. Aprille-;D You brighten my world with your view~

    Uneven Steven-oooh, sounds great! I'm working on mine :D

  4. Uneven Steven inspired my poem ;D Tis true I did cycle my way into the bewitching hour, muWHahaha

  5. I love the images - especially the one of you - way cool - and am off to whip up something wonderfully wicked. I shall return.....muwahahahahaha!

  6. I'm a little sorry I couldn't shake the seriousness and bring you the usual Susan rant to have with wine in between delightful humor--both serious and playful--that you'll are serving up. Ella, thank you for the prompt and for your magnificent poem.

  7. (o, grammar will defeat me yet! "I" bring you . . . for starters.)

  8. Thank you for the prompt, I hope my poem is true to the movie since I haven't seen it for a while.

  9. I thought and thought, so hard a prompt. Then I remembered, a friend exhibited an old painting of me...wicked it is ! Scary, even. It wasn't even Halloween when it was painted. Wicked cool, tho.

    They call me Witchipoo, I sign my name WP, my friends, some not so much friends no the sign ☺


  10. Siggiofmaine-How fab..I love the name Yes, wicked cool~ I know you know all about wicked in Maine! ;D I remember this doughnut commercial and the guy kept saying, "There wicked good" ;D
    How is Maine doing? Peace up WP, lol

    Listening Daisy-I loved it :D

    Susan-Yeah, I might need to get that Dummies book, lol!

    Tatius-Did you have a wicked day?! I did...Thank you!

    Sherry-Whip it good! lol I'm looking forward to it~

    De-So happy to see you here ;D

  11. so happy to find Mr. Linky still open! fun prompt!

  12. Amazing imagery of some very engaging - (and some creepy!) - witches.


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