Monday, November 1, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week - (1 November 2010) Sharp Little Pencil

Written by Robert Lloyd

There is a quote, I cannot recollect who actually said it, that goes something like this “One dull pencil is worth two sharp minds”. To me this expresses that writing a poem is better than thinking about a poem, for that matter doing anything at all is better than just thinking about it. Now having said that, what is a sharp pencil worth? The answer is pretty easy in my opinion, it’s worth a wonderful poetess like Amy Liberatore.

Amy is the writer and poet responsible for the poetry blog “Sharp Little Pencil”. Her writing is a strong style often laced with realism, some political undertones and whole lot of concern for life as we now live it. She has a knack for taking some of the things in life we ignore and bringing them in to focus with her writing. One such example of this is her poem “Day of Silence”. In this poem she manages to strip away all of the modern day burdens and helps the reader to contemplate a life without complication. Another short and hopefully prophetic poem I enjoyed reading was “Future Health Care”. While this topic is modern media mainstream her creative outlook is something to be desired.

Not everything Amy writes is centered around the world today and how we fight to live in it, one of my personal favorite poems written by her was the tragically romantic poem “Intertwined”. In this poem she captures the essence of a love formed due to convenience and shows us after it is gone, how it still can toy with ones heart.

Amy’s poetic offerings are sure to draw opinions from her readers so when you stop in to see what she’s written recently, let her know that her Sharp Little Pencil has made you think and possibly do something. I hope you enjoy visiting her blog just as much as I do.


  1. Amy's blog is one of my absolute happy it was chosen this week!

    - Dina

  2. I love Amy's blog as glad she is here with us at Poets United! :-)

  3. Hooray for Amy!!

  4. I enjoy this blog so much. Great choice for Blog of the Week.

  5. Go, Amy! I enjoyed checking out your blog and loved the poems mentioned....especially the calm certainty of "Intertwined"........fantastically well done!

  6. Amy,
    Congrats! I so enjoy your writing.
    A well deserved honor.


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