Monday, November 29, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week - (29 November 2010) Quiet Poetry

Selected and written by Robert Lloyd

Recently I was out on my daily stroll through our wonderful poetry community and I stumbled across an enchanting little blog called Quite Poetry. I found it was aptly named because it seemed just that. The words were captivating and simple and the photos found accompanying them where just as charming. I really enjoyed the calm that seemed to float from the screen straight into my imagination.

Quite Poetry is penned by Bernadine Barela a nearly ghostlike poetess. Her words are what represent her as there is little about who she is found on her site. The use of imagery in her poetry is pleasant and almost seductive. A great example of this is her poem The Dance. She captures the joy in solitude found by a woman alone at home with only music to keep her company. I found it to be a wonderful read and nearly felt guilty for spying on this unknowing woman. Read it and you will see what I mean.

Quite Poetry is a constant ebb and flow of poetry that is fascinating and confident. For every poem that teases with simple allure you can also find one brimming with confidence and hope. One such poem is Bernadine’s A Spark. In this poem she manages to show how the littlest of things can cause one to realize who they are and what they want. I found it be a soothing but empowering poem.

If you have the chance to visit please make it a point to stop in at Quite Poetry. Bernadine's pen will lure you in to reading just a few more of her poems and before you know it you have stayed up well past your intened bed time.


  1. Thanks for featuring this lovely blog, Robb. I so enjoy its quiet reflective poetry, so filled with nature's images. I too found The Dance very touching. Lovely work, Bernadine!

  2. A lovely blog, thanks for the heads up Robert. I'll have to go back and read more later. It's time for this old man to go to bed.

  3. So over joyed that poetry so quietly resounding in its impact and imagery is featured so others can see and enjoy the dervish.

  4. Lovely featured blog. Nice to read. :) Thanks for sharing dear.

  5. Nice choice Robb....This is my first look at Quite Poetry and am happy it is highlighted here...Love "The Dance"...lovely piece...congrat's Quite Poetry....looking forward to more...bkm

  6. Quite a surprise indeed. Thank you Robert - I am both humbled and honored by your words. Thank you also to Sherry, Paul, Beth, and chamiechamz for your kind words.
    I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  7. I just read some of the poems in Quiet Poetry. Bernadine has a knack for weaving simple words into beautiful thoughts. I really enjoyed reading her poetry. Glad I found her blog.


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