Monday, November 22, 2010

Poets United Forum

Stop by the Poets United Forum today.

Early on in the shaping of Poets United we attempted to a have a forum to help stir up the interaction between our members, it wasn’t very successful. It seems most folks were content with commenting on posts. Today we decided to wipe the dust off our forums one last time to see if this time around we can get it to work.

Since we have grown so much in the last six months there may be enough people to support a decent forum. The idea is this can be a great place to interact with other poets from around the blogosphere and from Poets United. Hopefully you will find the time to stop in and say hello.

If you have any suggestions of things to be done or improvements that can be made to the forum to make it more useful please feel free to let us know. You do not have to register to participate or start topics in the forum. It is a free for all to use just remember to be be considerate of others. We hope to see you there.

If you are interested in the forum you can go to it by clicking below or in the tab found on our side bar.


  1. Robert, I respect you so much for all that you do to foster poetry in the blogosphere and communication between poets! Your mind is ALWAYS working, isn't it?

  2. for when I know I am weak, and I need some rest, I know I can not rest,
    for I know, I need to shut the devil lurking in me...
    I need to fill that empty space
    called brain...
    with words...

    It is then that I keep writing on and on!!

  3. Sounds like a great idea.

  4. Robb, another amazing idea.Thank you for always finding ways to encourage our poetry and our communication with each other.

  5. Robb, Robert, Super Man, I am not sure what name to go are an awesome young man....thank you so much for all that you do....i am not very computer i do not have any technical suggestions....your ideas are always wonderful! Hope you get some rest this Thanksgiving! :-)


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