Monday, November 29, 2010

We need your creativity.

We are still looking for a name for our anthology.  We know you are a creative bunch. Please suggest a few names or let us know your thoughts on the ones below.  We would like to have a name in place by the 10th of December.  Leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments section your help is greatly appreciated.
Current Suggestions
The Kaleidoscope Review

Kaleidoscope Collective

The Poetry Conglomerate

The Weeping and the Laughter

The Essence of Chaos

Concrete and Sugar

Thoughts That Breathe


  1. It may be so obvious as to be non-creative, but:

    Poets United Anthology #1 ??

    I like Thoughts That Breathe also.

  2. Thoughts That Breathe
    The Essence of Chaos

    these ones looked best to me...

    @rorey r- *thumbs up*

  3. Confluence


    Rough-Cut Gems

  4. I left this comment on the Poets United Forum, but thought I would also leave the thought here.
    Hope you have a wonderful day :)

    Robert, I don't know what kind of submissions there have been, or if they are inclined toward any specific theme. But how about the Anthology name to be something like: Poetic Symphony or Poetic Symphonies

    This Anthology could be

    Poetic Symphony: Thoughts that breathe
    Poetic Symphony: Gems from the Poet's United Community
    one of the other suggested names

    Then, in the future if/when there are other anthologies, it can also be

    Poetic Symphony: Healing & Hope
    or Nature's Song
    or any other themed or general name

    But the Anthology itself would have a primary name to use for future editions that would be able to always be linked to the Poet's United community

  5. hmmm let's see, i came out with a few and some explanations and tagline =O

    The Anthology of Unity
    > Modify from the name of community and the book

    > Litera (Comes from Literature) Fun, everyone knows it >=P

    The Teacher of Rainbows
    >Sharing and encouraging within the community in the light of the rainbows!=D~~~ We are all "teachers"! It is not just an collection but a community within a book :D~

    Prized Poets' Dream
    > A place and a dream that shared between one another, it will be a wonderful journey through the book :P

    Visions Upon the Sight
    > Seeing through the eyes of a poet's work, you will be mesmerized...

    Dunno if this works, but if you have a title of your mind, I can assist you on the designing part if you are interested :)

  6. Bernadine love the idea and it makes total sense. I did want the title to always remain the same and have a sub title taht could change. As for a theme I really cant string one together as the poems are all so varried so far. So possibly Thoughts that breathe. I fiure we can narrow down the choices here by friday and then put it to a community vote. I am going to twist your concept into it a little bit though.

  7. Love all the suggestions. I will tie them all together, narrow the field and then put the remaining ones to a community vote so please keep them coming!!

  8. Amending my previous one, and combining with Sherry's suggestion, a title/subtitle:

    The Poetry Pantry
    poems from Poets United #1

    (start with a good name already on the site, and promote the source)

  9. "Visions/Letters"


    1. visual perceptions/perspectives
    2. inspirational experiences
    3. goals and dreams
    4. vivid conscious perceptions in the absence of a stimulus (hallucinations, mirages)
    5. eyesight of multiple individuals
    6. persons or things of extraordinary beauty


    1. written symbol of alphabets (typeface)
    2. messages
    3. another word for literature ("arts and letters")
    4. paper size for writing
    5. submissions to a publication
    6. as a verb, to assign symbols to objects/surfaces
    7. correspondence of a writer or writers

  10. So many great suggestions; I will throw a few in the hat

    Whispers In The Wind

    Transparent Dreams

    Blueprints of The Soul

    The Layered Loft

    Open Window

    Fragmented Souls

    Convex Arc

    Ripples Across The Pond

  11. Hi Robert,

    I think Sherry has hit the nail on the head:

    Poets United Anthology #1

    Promotes the website and leaves the option open for a subtitle for each future edition.

    Best Wishes


  12. I think Poets United Anthology # could work, but I think each issue should have a name, a focus. If it is coming out twice a year, then
    there could be a seasonal pull or some kind of focus.

    I like Grace Notes
    It is a symphony performing for one purpose with a pause. I like the idea of it, but not sure about the name.

    Spilled Seeds

    Familiar Pavement

    Ethereal Pavement


    Mirrored Time

    Just throwing these out there...

  13. I agree with Sherry and Paul - Poets United Anthology #1 it makes sense that it should promote the site too.

    But I also like the idea of a subtitle and there are a lot of great suggestions, I do like 'Thoughts That Breathe' among others.

  14. I really like Bernadine idea a main title and them subtitle.

    I like Thoughts that Breathe

    What about:I can see the two together. Creative and promotes the site.

    Poetic Symphony: Thoughts that breathe
    Poets United Anthology #1

  15. The one up there that stuck out the most to me was 'Concrete and Sugar'.

    A few I thought might be good:

    - Scribbles of Nuance

    - Planks Beneath Our Feet: Poetry (or something like that)

    - Words Reinterpreted.

    For me, picking up a book of poetry always starts with the name. It has to grab my attention, make me curious about what's inside, make me want to turn a page or two.

  16. I like "Thoughts that Breath" and Poets United
    Anthology #1(Sherry n' Paul's) I like Bernadine's idea of a subtitle pulling our thoughts together a common thread!

  17. As an FYI

    Thoughts that breathe is a portion of a quote from poet Thomas Gray.

    “Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.” ~ Thomas Gray

  18. I LOVE the subtitle of the Poetry Pantry - again, a tie-in to the site, where we first posted some of these poems.......Philip - brilliant idea!

  19. I am submitting:
    "The lines left within"
    Thanks Pamela


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