Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome!! Here are the latest poets to join Poets United.

We Currently have 137 Members in 35 Poetry Groups

Below you will find a few links to the most recent members who have joined our community here at Poets United. Please give them a warm welcome by stopping by their poetry blogs and reading some of there creative offerings.

Christopher Hanna @ Resonate

Shane Genziuk @ Sane but different

Michael Yost @ Michael's Lair

Zouxzoux @ Zouxzoux

Cynthia Short @ A Piece Of Mind


  1. A very Good Welcome to Poets United,

    We are a very friendly, sharing, Poetic Community.
    I hope to make a visit to your individual Poetry Blogs.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  2. Hi and welcome! I know zouxzoux and Cynthia. Nice to see you all here.

  3. Thanks for the welcome! I've already visited several of the poets here and joined in The Poetry Pantry but it's nice to really be a part of the team now.

    Pamela, I told Cynthia about PU & she joined immediately. :)


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