Monday, November 15, 2010

Prompt Ideas Needed

Poets United needs a hand in finding some more Poetry Prompt Ideas for The Thursday Think Tank. We would like some simple, inspiring and fun Poetry Prompts to offer our members. If you have thought of something that you would like to have us post as a prompt please do not hesitate to tell us.  We need at least 4 to 5 each month and do not mind storing some for when the wells of thought run dry.

Please keep the prompts suggestions simple as we do not wish to bog down our poets with rules and limitations that may stymie their creativity. We want your pens to flow with inspiration.
If you would like to supply a photo to go along with your suggested prompt please feel free to do so, it always helps to emphasize the direction or idea of the prompt. We are also willing to try different styles of prompts such as Wordles, Acrostics, Haiku and whatever else I have not mentioned.

All prompt ideas can be emailed to us at or even left here in the comment section. All suggested will be credited to those who suggest them along with active links to your blogs.

We thank you in advance for your suggestions and our blessed to have such a great community to be a part of that is shaped by you, our members.

You can go to The Thursday Think Tank to see a listing of past prompts.


  1. A few from an avid poet:

    - Stealing
    - Memories
    - Poems based on a word (ie/ sharp, soft, fuzzy, warm etc.)
    - Secrets
    - A poem based on a song (or perhaps using a phrase from a song?)

    Also, apologies if you've used some or all of these before.

  2. Take the title of a favorite song and write your own poem to go with it.

    Choose a favorite fictional character and write a poem from their point of view.

  3. How about "spirituality" and what it means to the individual.

  4. Dear Robert,

    Sent you an email. Hope you find them useful.


  5. Using cause and effect connectors in the shortest way: because, so, consequently, therefore, due to the fact, since, as a result, the reason for, thus, nevertheless

  6. I'm working on a list, some with pictures.

  7. Here are a few ideas I came up with for poetry prompts, along with a few pictures.

    (The pictures are mine, so go ahead and use them if you want. Some are related to my ideas, some are not)

    Weird Traditions
    Pets/Farm Animals

    "Tanka" Acrostic
    (This is the only one with a 'form')

    Tanka syllabic form:
    5 (T)
    7 (A)
    5 (N)
    7 (K)
    7 (A)


    E-mail me with any questions. Enjoy!

  8. 1. Write down a list of 10 14 20 etc... or more unrelated or seemingly unrelated random objects or experiences seen throughout the day. (any number will do but pick a number and stick with it, this helps) Then try connect as many of them as possible in a poem, or story.(note) visualize the object, or strive to remember the emotion of the experience while reconstituting it into a new writing experience or piece.

    2. Try to hommage the style of a favorite writer without blindly aping it, find your own space in the tone, style, structure or formulas of someone who's poems you love.

    3. Similar to exercise 1. Try to relate a specific emotional state or experience to a seemingly unrelated specific physical place, physical object, or item.

    4. Deconstructionist, take some your work or someone elses writing on the computer and chop it down to as few words as possible. Just cut and past words right out of it. Like bringing a picture back to a sketch to see where the roots and the framework of the language really is. How much can you remove before the words seem to have no connection. You'll start to see relationships between words that you did not initially recognize as valuable.

    I've posted some examples of a couple of these exercises in my own blog, good luck.

    C.W. Hanna


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