Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome!! Here are the latest poets who have joined us.

We Currently have 132 Members in 33 Poetry Groups

Below you will find a few links to the most recent members who have joined our community here at Poets United. Please give them a warm welcome by stopping by their poetry blogs and reading some of there creative offerings.

 The Unknowngnome @ The Unknowngnome Poems

Buddah Moskowitz @ I Hate Poetry

William A. Sigler @ Poet Tree

Francis Morilao @ unnamedpsalmist

Karthik Adithya Singaraju @ Sounds of Subtlety

Novus Lune @ World My Way

Kodjo Deynoo @ Poetry Soundbites

Winter @ Winter Writes

Margo Roby @ Wordgathering


  1. WELCOME! ;)

    please add my new poetry blog.,

  2. I would like to say my 'Hello' and to welcome all the new members to Poets United.

    I hope we can meet via our respective Blogs.



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