Monday, November 5, 2012

Blog of the Week ~ Hope Whispers

Kids, today we are thrilled to feature a long-time member of the Poets United community since its beginnings in 2010: Carrie Burtt, found at Hope Whispers

Carrie can be found writing to a variety of prompt sites through the week. She writes with a great deal of life wisdom and philosophy....from the benefits of letting go to the consumption of chocolate cake in the midnight hours. Here is one recent treasure, plucked from her well-stocked pantry:

Some people embrace love with the fervor of a missionary
holding it close like a book of scriptures to the heart
while others just cup it softly and awkward like a nestling
that has somehow fallen from where it once was
the love I hold has wandered through both paths
like a lost fawn searching for comfort in the dark
once my heart found it
I grasped hold with the strength of a thousand men
never wanting to let go
yet too weak to try
now I tenderly keep it within my palm
knowing it is too fragile
to withstand another fall.

Lovely, isn't it? Do check it out on Carrie's site, as it is so visually lovely in there.

Another gem, one of Carrie's earliest posts, in 2010 

Reflections From the Water

The follower is like a leaking faucet that just keeps dripping and dripping until someone comes along and turns off the valve.

The fool is like a puddle in a busy pathway that gets stepped in time and time again.

The dreamer is a like a arctic glacier that lives in constant longing for a spring that it has never known.

The hero is like a high flowing fountain that's fervent spray touches all who come near.

The leader is like the tide that has the power to pull the waves in and send them back out again.

For all mankind is like a thousand differently wound rivers, yet each one is reaching toward the same ocean.

And one more comforting and uplifting offering, from 2011 :

One solitary tear may fall...
yet hundreds of voices share the same cry.
We are never truly alone no matter how it may seem.
There is always someone else that has faced the same trial.
Another soul that has been in a worse place.
So take hope by the hand and hold on tight.
Follow where it leads.
Now repeat after me:
I am not alone.
You are not alone.
We are not alone.

Thank you, Carrie, for your long-term contributions to, and presence in,  our poetic community.


  1. Thank-you for high-lighting this beautiful lady's blog! She is such a gifted and sweet encouraging voice in blog-land.

  2. Oh my, Sherry... you've highlighted a star. Thank you for shining a light on Carrie. Super-nova now has competition.

  3. Carrie, as you know, I always enjoy your blog! You are a POET with a capital P. Sherry, thank you for highlighting her blog, as it definitely deserves recognition!

  4. What an amazing artist! I will definitely check out her blog!

  5. Pleased to meet you, Carrie! :-)

  6. Carrie, you're one of the best-est! :)

  7. She writes with a great deal of life wisdom and philosophy...
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  8. Sherry, thank you so much for featuring Carrie!! I am swept away by her poems that last one was a direct hit to the heart and beyond :-) Brilliant :-)

  9. Thank you so much Sherry. I had no idea you were featuring my blog. You are so sweet and awesome! Sara stopped by and said something about it and I followed her here. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments it means very much to me. I have so loved meeting so many wonderful poets and friends here at Poets United and the blogosphere! :-)

    1. Carrie, you speak to my heart and soul

      Thank you once again, Sherry, mi amiga

  10. Lovely blog. Great Poetry. The Genuine Article

  11. Sherry and Carrie,

    It was a delight today to find Carrie's Blog being featured here. You do some magnificent work Sherry, by shining the light upon so many wonderful poets and writers; but his week, I am particularly pleased to see Carrie highlighted. Her Blog 'Hope Whispers,' has been a very pleasing place to visit over the years. Carrie writes with such sincerity, honesty and down-to-earthiness, that there is a common thread for every reader, to be found in her words.
    She is a stalwart of the Poets United community and a good friend.

  12. Carrie I love your voice! You have such a beautiful way expressing your poetic eye~ So happy to see you are the blog of the week!
    Congrats Carrie! Great pick, Sherry! :D

  13. Wow!.. I loved them all Carrie.. touched my heart!!

  14. Gorgeous writing, Carrie. Thanks for this, Sherry.



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