Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wonder Wednesday #9 Shades of Grey

Yes, you read that right, lol   Yes, this is the book I'm sure you have heard about.  I'm not trying to offend anyone, but  I thought about the color scale from black  to white. I have started painting again.  Between black n' white there are many shades of gray or grey.

photo via here

    Wait, don't gasp...it isn't what you think.  I thought this would make an intriguing prompt.  Before you say, "Oh, my".... wait a minute, hear me out.

I want you to think in terms of love and hate, pain and pleasure, beauty and ugly, etc.   There are fine lines between these.  This is where we are going with the prompt.  I want you to write a poem about the fine lines, the between, the shades of gray! 

Now, if you have read the book and want to go there-your choice!  Just remember it is your blog, your voice.  I'm not looking for sex poems- I am looking for poems that blur the lines, the the gray!

                                                                    - Jodi Picoult 

 “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”
Dorothy Parker

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  1. Hi, I have added a poem, but i am not totally sure as i have never read Shades of Grey. It explores the forbidden and the hidden, anticipation and desire, searching and finding. I hope it is OK. Thank you i enjoyed writing and found the idea quite different and interesting. Alan

    1. Haven't read it either. Sounds like soft porn for suburbia to me, but then, who's to say? Ha ha Amy

  2. Hi everyone sorry the link didn't work! I will try to fix it~
    Janie-I wanted to blur the lines a bit. Besides it is in the between where we merge and share ideas :D I'm glad~

    Mary-Thank you! :D

    Mametz-You do not need to read it. I just thought it would grab everyone's attention, so much press about it. Alan I'm sure it is intriguing! Can't wait to read yours and all the others :D

  3. Hi Ella and PU. Mine is about the grey of old buildings...hope that's ok ..lol

  4. nice prompt. Was thinking of liminal states, places between water and land: swamps, marshes, reedbeds, lagoons. They have a distinct quality to them. I always find myself immersed in the sounds, smells, light tricks and shifting states. They are the brightest grey I could think of.

  5. Daydreamertoo-sounds great! I love old building :D

    Cheesewolf-Ooh, intriguing...sounds like a place a wolf would love to visit ;D

    Mine is depressing, but true. Maybe I needed to write it, but now I have the worst headache....augh!

  6. Ella,

    It is good to be back posting poems and writing again. I have been busy with family and home commitments recently.
    I liked the scope of this topic, but went with my heart!!!


  7. I read the trilogy. Thought it SO poorly written. My piece is brief, observational.

  8. Hey, y'all. You know MY grey... but it's all good! Grey is also the color of pencil lead! Peace, Amy

  9. Ella, just viewed the video. Disgusting, the image of "beauty" that is presented to our girls (to live up tp) and to our boys (to seek out only the symmetrical and made-up women). Amazing, and thanks for the eye-opener as well as the prompt! Unretouched Amy

  10. Amy-I love your poem, you brought it! Yes, that is a favorite color of mine, too-pencil lead! Peace to you :D

    Kim-I enjoyed yours, clever! :D

    Eileen-You never can do wrong, when you go there! Glad you are back :D
    I loved everyone's poem...they all brought so many emotions
    into view! I am amazed at the talent brought forward by grey!

  11. I have not heard of the book and had nothing gray to think of till today, so here is a late gray poem.

  12. Ella.. your prompts give me just the right nudge to right.. I now write of things that I never thought I would.

  13. Thanks for this prompt, Ella. It has been simmering for hours, and is finally cooked enough for this meal, if not got tomorrow.

  14. Interesting prompt, Ella. Mine is up at.

  15. Read the prompt tried something,this is what I came up with strange but it came and I wrote.

  16. i've been up all night writing but i'll be back to visit others asap!

  17. Thanks for a great prompt, it's brought me out of my reading and into sharing my first poem here. Emma at LLM Calling

  18. Hello Emma-Thank you, I will be by! Welcome, so happy you are here :D

    Dani-You have till Sunday! <3 no hurry! Get some rest :D I'm behind, too.

    Tatius-Strange can bring forth a lot of feelings! :D

    Hi Sara-Yes, I thought I would push us into the vague, void of grey!

    Shivani-Good, that is what a prompt should do! It should take us down a different path :D Thank you~

    Libby-Late gray is good! :D

    Susan-I love that, you are so clever :D


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