Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wonder Wednesday #11 Bridge

I was looking through some photos yesterday and remembered this class I took online.  I had made this piece of art and used a bridge.  One person in the class thought, this was odd and posted her opinion, about my art.  I tried to explain to her my view, how we continue to journey into the unknown. And how bridges symbolized many things that have happened in my life.   She thought it was sad, that my life was a bridge.  I didn't see it that way.   I am a military spouse, I have moved a lot, but whether we travel or not, aren't we always crossing bridges in our lives.  We reach out to make new friends, try new hobbies or take a class, expose ourselves to new things, through education, through our lives.  We get a job, we change jobs, buy a home or sell a home. We have children or not and that changes our world, our view and we cross more bridges.

I think of bridges as connections to new people, experiences and views of the world.

The Simon n' Garfunkel song, Bridge Over Trouble Water,  comes to mind. Bridges take us to where we need to go and sometimes give us new adventures.

*A photo of a bridge, back in my neck of the woods


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  1. Ella, I agree with your view of bridges! I would never have thought it a sad way to look at life, but maybe the lady in your class didn't have to cross many bridges in her life?

  2. Nice prompt, Ella! Your prompt evoked a childhood memory.

  3. I agree about your bridges Ella.. and, the girl in your class obviously doesn't understand the different context in which we can use bridges to create. Mine is a bridge between seasons... We're all different, thank goodness :)
    Great prompt Ella.

  4. Hi Bren-Oh, I love that idea! Can't wait... Thank you!

    Mary-Thank you, I look forward to your poem~

    Robyn-Thank you, yes, perhaps she had a difficult path. She thought my view sad, from what she said.

  5. Great prompt, Ellie. That song always takes me straight back to the 70's. Will see what flails its way to the surface, hee hee.

  6. This was a fun prompt! Mine is a bit light-hearted.

  7. Love it when things come together! Was working on a poem about two people from different ages living in the same house. Thought of time/space being like Marram grass binding a sand dune. Then the Bridge prompt comes through... fun times!

  8. Cheesewolf-I love it when the poetry and prompts align ;D

    Margaret-I think you should write another poem about your adventure sometimes. I bet there is a camera involved ;D
    Fun to wonder...

    Sherry-Yours is a hoot! lol Yes, I think my Mom wore this record out, lol

  9. Ella,

    Had many thoughts about this prompt, but in the end decided to see it this way!!!!


  10. Great prompt! So many ways to go with it. Thanks!

  11. I completely understand what you mean, so many bridges, and I love them. Of course I'm very biased because I am a civil engineer originally and I worked on many bridge projects - it's one of the most amazing jobs ever. I'm going to have to point what to write, probably won't produce until tomorrow, hope that's ok.

  12. Oh...I just missed posting for 11 for both commenting and linking for our lucky #11 Ella!! I love this post, Ella...Bridges are so beautiful and symbolic!

    Will return to read shortly poetic peeps! :)

  13. Hannah-So happy to see you here! Oh, you were close! I will make a wish for you at 11:11 ;D Thank you~

    Emma-Wow, how fascinating! You have till Sunday evening. Take your time I look forward to your poem :D

    WabiSabi-Thank you! Feel free to write more than one ;D

    Eileen-I will be by... ;D Curious to see which way~

  14. To use your quote, I used bridges as a frame for looking at the world around me today. Thanks for the prompt.

  15. Hi, thank you for the idea. I tried to use it as a form of transition between the old and the new, i hope it works. I enjoyed the experience. Thanks Alan

  16. SO many ways to write about something that really has only two directions! I'll read everything by weeks end.

  17. Ella.. Everytime I write a poem on you prompt, i wonder how i just feel helpless and bleak when i try to find inspiration on my own.. and then u come every wednesday and present it like a gift.. thanks.. :)

  18. Symbolically, a bridge is "what it takes to get there". And Jesus Christ is the bridge of life. He is both to get and to make.

    Nice prompt! I have never written anything about bridges. Now I will. :-)

    By the way, it is nice to learn to know you are a soldier's wife. I used to be a soldier myself. I graduated from the Norwegian Military Academy in '88. :-)

  19. Anders-Yes, it is courage to keep going on the path! Thank you...well said~ Thanks for sharing, it is an interesting life, filled with a lot of sacrifice. :D

    Shivani-You are so sweet! I think we all inspire each other, don't you :D

    Susan-Yes, a lot of directions to connect with ;D

    Mametz-Great idea :D A generation gap, I mean bridge.

    Libby-I like that idea! I'll be by :D

  20. I don't have time to contribute a poem, but must just say that I don't think it at all sad that your life is a bridge. I see that as a wonderful calling and way of service!

  21. Bridges represent a lot of things to this prompt Ella. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :-)

  22. been ages since I've written a poem about bridges - so thank you for the prompt!

    cheesewolf - really love the imagery in your poem - beautifully done!

  23. Hi Sara-I'm glad :D

    Goneahead-Oh, you are welcome :D

    Carrie-Thank you! I love how these poems project so many thoughts :D

    Rosemary-Thank you! When time permits, join in :D Thanks for all that you do~


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