Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wonder Wednesday #10 Gifts

I know what you are thinking... Gifts?  Now, hear me out, hold   I know this is the time of year a lot of us celebrate Thanksgiving.  I think we probably all have done a thankful type of poem.  This prompt is not just about any gift.  No, it isn't.....
This prompt is about a gift from your heart, that you gave.  Don't say I didn't warn you-there might be another gift prompt next month. Yes, highly likely ;D!

© Ellen Wilson

Yes,  a gift that you gave, it could be time, a gesture of kindness, hope or a gift you purchased.  This gift was so wonderful, it gave you a happy heart.  The giving was the true treasure.  Your gift reflected, the sentiment of caring, remembering and being thoughtful.

Some examples:

My aunt is sick, but I've been told she doesn't need any more material items.  Gift cards to eat out and mail please her the most.  I try weekly to send her mail. I might include some dried lavender, or a sealed tea bag, or a quote.   It is the thought that counts!

My mom was given a gift at work, that I thought was beautiful.  This friend had a large family and didn't have the money to give a fancy gift.  She told my mom, after work to stop by her home.  When mom arrived the friend gave her a glass wine carafe and said follow me.  Mom's friend had a huge garden, filled with veggies, herbs and flowers. My mom is a gardener, too.  She told her once a week, she could stop by and pick a bouquet.  Every week this happened, she would also send me mom home with a few veggies.  I thought this gift was so special, so did my mom. 

Or you could share a poem about a heartfelt gift you are going to give! 

I look forward to your gifts, I mean poems. 


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  1. It is so wonderful that every writer moulds his/her thoughts to the given prompts. A prompt does not give you an idea of a poem, rather it gives you a seed, a thought that you can wrap your emotions around..

    Thanks Ella, for giving us these seeds of thoughts.

  2. Nene-Yes, I agree and when they are from the heart, I think they do :D

    Shivani-Beautiful! You gave me an idea ;D You are welcome~ @>--------

  3. Thank you, Ella, for the prompt. I've been wanting to write a poem for my daughter and your prompt was just what I needed to say what needed to be said. Your prompts are gifts!

  4. Thank you for your gift of opening this space for our poems!

  5. Awesome prompt, kiddo. I shall return!

  6. Hi Sherry-Thank you! I shall return, too. Daughter is driving me to the tiny country store. I'm in the middle of a mess, but I will be back to read your delicious poems. I have started mine ;D

    Robyn-You are welcome! ;D I look forward to your gift~

    Libby-Oh, this sounds wonderful, I can't wait to read it! :D
    Your words and everyone's are the gift! So much talent in this poetic world~ @>----------- Glad we can share this experience together! Thank you~

  7. Ella, I wrote this a few hours ago. It is not exactly what you wanted, so I'll be back with something else in a few days when I come back to read. You and Poets United are gifts in my life.

  8. Mine is a radically different message, and I hope you all read it and give me your real feelings about it. Don't hold back... trust me, I can take it! Amy

  9. My poem is a gift to all my friends for the gifts they give me

  10. Such a wonderful prompt! The best kind of gift :-)

  11. Hey,im a new blogger, plz do ignore my entry.. its the 13th one.. had to be the 13th one! I posted the wrong link.. this one is my blog too but the poem on 'gifts' is on another link.. its really nice reading everyone's poems here..

  12. Gifts of little value can so often be priceless.

  13. Great idea for a prompt Ella :) So much comes to us as gifts.

  14. I look forward to all of your poems! I will be listing mine tomorrow. Sorry, I didn't get to you sooner. Some how I got the flu....
    Hope everyone is well and those who celebrated enJOYed their day of thanks! ATB

  15. Thank you for the chance to contribute, if i was a little late.

  16. This was a lovely prompt. Mine is up.

  17. Please disregard my link. It was posted in error.


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