Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poem of the Week (10 August 2010) - Purging Myself with a Poem

This poem can be found at:

"The Cosmic Word Laboratory"

Purging Myself with a Poem
an explanation to Andrew

I yank out the pain with a well-chosen word
Scrubbing under my nails with
exclamation points, pushed together
like bristles of a brush
I wipe the dirt (hurt) off my shoulders
first held after first kiss
when the mire first consumed me
The lower case i sheds its dot, the tear that
breaks up the rust on my finger
I shower my soul with the words that I write
banishing the dust of your
breath from my hair
The water is the poem that shakes off my back
I am not it is filled with what was
me and him and him and him anymore

Now everything is clean

~ Cami





  1. A splendid piece of writing....the line "the lower case i sheds its dots"...wonderfully symbolic purging...bkm

  2. ...I shower my soul with the words that I write...
    that's how it is - writing poetry is like cleaning your soul from thoughts that may depress or hurt or bother you...excellent write!!

  3. This is a fantastic poem - inspired - so well crafted and flowing. The images are wonderful: scrubbing under your nails with exclamation points, the i shedding its dots..........wow!

  4. Thanks for including me. I saw this most belatedly, but still thrills me. THX