Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome Aboard!!

"There are a lot of people who you may only nod to; it's better to stop and say hello."
~ Unkown

16 is the number following 15 and preceding 17.  It is also how many folks joined us as members this week at Poets United.  Another clue taht we are doing something good and its all thanks to our community of wonderful poets. If you are having a lazy Sunday and maybe would like something to do, make sure you stop by our latest members blogs to check out their poetry and give them a warm welcome.

Peggy Goetz @ On a Day Like Today
Cynthia @ Poemflesh
Elizabeth Crawford @ Soul's Music  
The Tired Monk  @ Humbucker Poems
Rich√≠ @ Oil Underneath
Sasidharan Cheruvattath @ dream is a vagabond  
Kerry O'Connor @ Skylover
Brenda Bryant @ Rinkly Rimes
Rashmi @ Poems | My world     Journey By Fire @ Fire's Journey
Bhaskar @ Unfelt Emotions      dasuntoucha @ Modernity's Muse


  1. this is so exciting to have so many new members aboard...Welcome!! and I will make my way to visit you all....bkm

  2. This is AWESOME! More poems to read, yippee! Great job on the new look, Robb. And for keeping so on top of things.......welcome aboard indeed. I have been busy this weekend but will visit everyone at the Poetry Pantry and the new members sites later this evening........cant wait!

  3. As one who finds the sea of commenting almost too deep to swim in, I really do appreciate this meeting of like minds.


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