Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Help Us Establish Activity Standards

Poets United wants to be an active community but at the same time we want to be understanding of our members and the realities of life. We are looking to our members to help us establish a standard of activity for the community. Poets United does not want to be a community or site bogged down with dead or inactive blogs and members. We want to remain a fresh and active participant in the poetry community. We are asking you, our members, friends and contributors, what period of inactivity should warrant removal from our blogroll and groups.

A post in your blog keeps you active.  It is pretty hard to be inactive and I'm sure this issue will be few and far between.

Please be aware this is not a banishment of any sort.  It is just a way to keep our site relevant, active and clean. Should a member be removed due to inactivity they will be allowed to return to us the moment they return to actively maintaining a poetry blog.

Please take a moment to vote.


  1. Hi Robert, the survey doesn't seem to be showing for me? (firefox)

  2. Thanks for the link Robb - I've now voted. :-)

  3. Good idea......you are a fantastic moderator, Robb......are you getting some offers of help? Is there anything I can do to help you NOW? Let me know!

  4. Great Idea Robert...vote is cast and like Sherry..let me know if you need anything...bkm

  5. Robert,
    I have cast my vote too.
    I think this is a very fair way to introduce some basic 'house keeping rules'.
    Thank you for all your continued hard work.
    Best wishes,


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