Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poem of the Week (17 August 2010) - Wasteland & On Truman Ave

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The furrowed banks are dry and crusted
With the brittle loam of an exhausted soil.
No plough shall probe the once fertile depths,
No humid fruit shall reward the ploughman’s toil.
But a glint of sunlight still gleams upon the plough,
Warm rain still soaks the sterile ground,
And even now in that defiant bed
There blooms a tender passionflower.

~ Donnadies

On Truman Ave

Honduran Lady,
white hot air and the smell of laundry,
white noise of washing
and the hum of your machine.
Every Thursday
the cycle repeats.
Weeklong I pile clothes and quarters high
in anticipation of my return.
Once the spin cycle whirls to an end
I gather my things
and leave.


I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked better so I figured we would get a 2 for 1 this week.


  1. Oh I so love these! The first one has beautiful imagery, the scene is painted well. And I love that the ending is tinged with hope. Life enduring, no matter what.

    Love the second poem as well,collecting laundry and coins all week.........Thanks for featuring these........lovely writing!

  2. both poems are beautiful - like the passionflower on sterile ground in the first one and the spin cycle character in the honduran lady poem

  3. Some excellent reads here! Awesome post!


  4. Hi everyone,
    Sorry for getting back so late, I've got family visiting! Thanks for the nice comments, I'm really glad that you liked the poems,

  5. Solid work. Well written. A pleasure to read. - Bill


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