Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poem of the Week (31 August 2010) - Violence

Selected by Robert Lloyd

This poem can be found at:

We laughed yesterday as we seldom do.
A smile broke through, just a clue
to what the future may hold
for us I don't know. My love for you grows
as my anguish does too. Afraid of you.
I gazed upon the new moon shining
in the warm evening atmosphere waiting for a sound
or a word from you. I do, I do.
We gazed at the stars twinkling just beyond the ebony sky
A black hole in the Universe
eats up souls like a curse. Then there was you...
You in the dark masked with your expression so grim
My knees are week - always trying to climb out of quicksand.
I reached for Venus, but she was not there.
I pleaded to God to see if He cared.
You don't love me - not like I do.
Silence speaks volumes, sea salt upon fresh wounds
Is there a God?
Is there love that exists?
My cuts are just an expression of memories repressed.
Old wounds bandaged up and coming undone
Unraveling, naked before you I stand.
I turned my head when you raised your hand
to violently caress my face falling back into quicksand.





  1. Wow that poem has quite a powerful message!

  2. OMG - it hurts to read this poem - and it expresses the twisted feelings perfectly

  3. A poem yearning for Truth. So well done. Thanks for this.

  4. i have to ditto Claudia..violence -is something i know is real..but will not give it breath in my life...bkm

  5. A powerful and wonderful read! =)


  6. Thanks for all of the comments. It is not something I have had to personally deal with but I like to bring certain things to light in my writing especially things I am passionate about. Domestic abuse is a horrible tragedy and no one deserves to be abused.


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