Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poem of the Week (24 August 2010) - One Hand & In the Land of

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In The Land Of

In the land of baby toads
I must look like a giant.
In the land of crossword puzzles
I must look like an imbecile.
In the land of college students
I must look like an ancient one.
In the land of medications
I must look like an expert.
No matter what the land
I'll only look like the real me
if I enter the land of Diane!

~ Diane T

One Hand

By the way
my mother said
did I tell you that
you only need one
hand to count how
many close friends
you really have?
You may think you
have a lot, but time
will teach you not
to count on all.

I think of Mum
in her nursing home
friendly to everyone
as she always was
whether they be
family, staff or other
visitors. I am so
proud of her, but
by the way
I've always wondered
if she was right.

~ Diane T





  1. Grats! Beautiful poems, well deserved:) Great Job Diane^^~

  2. Diane, congrats on having Poem of the Week here. Wonderful honor. I will comment on the poem in your blog too, but I think your mother is very wise!

  3. Impressive achievement Diane. And well deserved. The way this is posted here on the Poets United page is a bit confusing. I will go to your blog and comment.

  4. Well, now that I wrote saying the posting was confusing, I come back and here it is looking beautiful. I love both of these. May we all be lucky enough to need two hands!

  5. I SO LOVE your In the Land Of poem........what a cool idea!!!!!! That might be a good subject for a prompt, come to think of it:)I have heard that the fingers of one hand thing too...........likely the ones who are REALLY there for us number five or under......good poems. Great poems of the week!

  6. Congratulations Diane! Your poems always give us more pieces to the Diane-puzzle...thank you for more of a lovely look!

    - Dina

  7. Congratulations Diane! ...and I believe our Mum was right...but wasn't she always? :)

  8. Thank you, Robert, for selecting my poems! I had no idea you were looking back so far. I deeply appreciate that you chose my poem.

    Thank you, sister Laney for your comments, and thanks to Dina, Sherry, Peggy, Mary and Riika! I'm in smiles here!

  9. I so enjoy your poetry, Diane. I have heard before that you can only count the number of good friends on one hand. I don't think that is true for you, though. Congratulations on having your poems chosen for poem of the week. You really deserve this honor!

  10. These are two amazing poems, well deserving of this honour. Congratulations!

  11. Diane I just now saw this!
    Congrats and well-deserved!

  12. Both were wonderful reads! Well deserved! =)


  13. Diane these poems are both worthy of poem of the week!!
    Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading all of your poems they are full of strength and true beauty! :-)


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