Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wow!! Introducing....

"Community cannot for long feed on itself; it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond, their unknown and undiscovered brothers"
~ Howard Thurman

We had a huge jump this past week in our numbers so we have a small treasure trove of poets to introduce you to.  Each one is unique in their poetry as we all are so please give them a warm welcome to Poets United by stopping by their blogs when time permits.  We now stand at 77 amazing and talented poets who make Poets United the wonderful community that it is.

All blogs listed are clickable and will open a new window that will take you directly to their blogs for a visit.


Melanie Bishop @ Cassiopeia Rises    Belladonna 23 @ Garden of Poisonous Promises  

Danielle @ Shifted in Dreams        La Poetisa @ La Poetisa     Maya @ Mayajaal

Bernadine  @  Quiet Poetry           Square Corner @ Square Corner

Zaina Anwar @ Indegenous Dialogues    Nino Taziz @ Poems by Nino Taziz

Bill Cook @ Poetry Matters   

We seem to add a member every day; we will be at a hundred in no time. This idea for Poets United is surpassing my wildest dreams and I may eventually need to look to our members for help to maintain this great community so if you’re twitching for something to do keep me in mind or let me know as it may be needed in the near future.

We grow as a community every single day and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the newest poets that join us. In effort to ensure a warm welcome and sense of community we will try to put out a weekly or biweekly “Welcome” post. This will be a place where we list the most recent poets to join us here at Poets United. This should make it easier for some of our more established members to explore new blogs while calling attention to theirs. As always it is our intent to promote exploration and support for one another. Thank you all for making Poets United such a success.


  1. This is fantastic, Robb, and YOU did it! Bravo! I can see you will eed help, as cant begin to imagine how busy it keeps you, my blog keeps me busy and that's just one blog!!!! Thanks for putting this roster together, will enjoy exploring. So much talent, so many incredible voices out there:)

  2. It is good fun joining here... !

  3. It's an awesome thing to see the community growing! =) I'll be sure to check out their blogs when I get a change.


  4. I love and have read much by Howard Thurman. So good to see him quoted here. - Bill

  5. thanks for giving everyone the chance to showcase their work/blogs here. well done!!!

    happy weekend!


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