Monday, August 23, 2010

Pardon me, but do you have the time?

Do you like to write, explore blogs and want to be supportive of others? If so Poets United could use you. We are looking for a few folks willing to take on small writing tasks. Since we are such a great community we are growing each and every day and this keeping track of this whole place a little more time consuming. In an effort to maintain a consistent standard we are looking to our members to possibly help.

We ask that you have decent writing skills because, although we may throw in a little tweak here and there, it is not our intent to edit your writings.  If you decide you would like to help us please know it does not have to be weekly task for you. You can volunteer to do something once a month, any help would be great.

Below you will find a list of tasks we could use some help with. Should you decide you wouldn’t mind contributing please email us at or contact us through our facebook page. We plan to list all folks as contributors and ensure all credit is directed toward you for your efforts on the front page of Poets United and wherever your help has been given.

Poem of the Week – We need no more than three willing members for this. It is one of the simplest undertakings. You need to be an explorer of our members and willing to go deep into our poet’s blogs. It’s ok to submit a poem you have found that is recent but we do prefer ones that are sort of buried treasures. There is not real writing involved in this one other than locating a poem that you find worth sharing and then acquiring the right for Poets United to post it on their blog as the Poem of the Week. We do not want to post anything that we do not have permission to do so. (The reason we want no more than 3 is this way each volunteer can be assigned to a specific week. You must resist bias and favor friends)

Blog of the Week – We need folks willing to explore our current member’s blogs and select one for our weekly post. You would need to write roughly two to three descriptive short paragraphs that focus on poet’s style, the blogs style and highlight a poem or two that best represent that style. (just doing so once a month can be a great help)

The Thursday Think Tank - Are you creative? Do you have ideas for poetry prompts that you would like to see or write about? We could use a few suggestions to keep this fresh for our writers. We need folks willing to write roughly one paragraph introducing and explaining our prompt for the week. Quotes are always a great way to help convey the concept so if you can find a fitting one to go with your prompt idea that would be great. Lastly maybe there is a photo you feel best displays the prompt concept so be sure to include that. (Prompt suggestions and submissions can be emailed to us anytime, don’t be shy)

The Life of a Poet – This would be a more serious undertaking. We need folks willing to be creative and set up form interviews. Our current standard is we email interviewees a word document with questions and then shape them into a faux interview when they are returned (you are more than welcome to a copy of that). It is our goal to every few weeks change up the questions a bit so that our interviews do not become redundant. Maybe you have a fresh take on how to display an interview or you have some different questions to ask. (More details can be given if interested)

Poet History NEW IDEA – We are considering doing an educational posting for our members. We most likely will not make this a weekly scheduled posting but more of a as time permits posting. We are looking for writers willing to do articles on famous poets. Do you have a famous poet you want to educate us about? Maybe there is a contemporary poet that inspires you and you would like to share them with us. This undertaking would be to write a roughly 3 to 4 paragraph article that is essay or book report style on a selected poet.  Teach us about Poe, cummings, Plath or any poet you like.  A simple biography, famous works and quirky information kind of post to share with our community is what we want. The writing does not have to be your own either. As long as you secure permission to post at our site an already printed article will be just fin.  We will gladly post someone elses work or article if they do not mind.  Of course they will be cited for their work. (if you have ideas or suggestions on this please feel free to share).

We thank you in advance for any extra time and effort you decide to put into Poets United. Your simply being members of such a wonderful community is a great contribution, should you decide to offer more we would eternally grateful.


  1. I'd love to help out! Interviewing poets would be fab.

  2. I am considering the Poet History -- I have always loved bio's so you can put me on the list for this one....bkm

  3. I have a great fave poet I can do an article on - at some point - and will see if there is some way I can help with some of the workload. I'll think over the above options. A once a month thing would be doable, for sure. I can also scout up some prompts and send them along. Thanks for posting this Robb, the amount of work you have been doing alone is astounding. You do need help!!!! You have done a great job of attracting poets to this site and growing it. A sign of your success that now you need some helpers:) Way to go!

  4. I would be very happy to help out with Poem of the Week and Thursday Think Tank.. I read a lot of people's blogs here, and I also have a lot of ideas for prompts! I'd love to help with both! In fact, would be excited to help with both on a regular basis!!!!

  5. I would be willing to help with Thursday Think Tank. My time is limited with work and I do not get round like I want to. But just point me in the right direction...

  6. Thanks to all of you who have spoken up and wish to help. You all are amazing and wonderful. I plan to contact each of you shortly. I am working on a standard 4 week calendar and will cover the odd 5th week. I figure I can pencil our contributors into certain spots just to help keep track of who is doing what. Again thansk for the input and I will be pestering shortly!! If you have just replied on here will you do me the favor of emailing me so that I can contact you that way. You can reach me at

  7. I can do the Thursday Think Tank, but I can also do a couple articles on Famous poets as well. Another thing I can do on a semi-regular basis (school has just picked up), is the Blog of the Week.The Poet history sounds like an interesting idea! =)

    Glad to be of any help!


  8. Let me know what there is a need in...and I would love to help. :-)

  9. Robert,
    I am willing to help out, in any way I can. I don't personally know what to 'sign up to', but I am available to help!


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