Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poem of the Week (3 August 2010) - I will Sit with You

This poem can be found at:

"Robot Cupcake Poetry" 

I will Sit With You

I will sit with you

Awaiting the coming darkness;

Though I cannot go with you

For you I’ll wait.


I will sit with you

All through the surrounding darkness;

Though I cannot make it lighter

I’ll share the dark.


I will sit with you

After the dark has gone

When the memory remains;

Though I cannot take it away

I’ll take your hand.

~ Alexis White


  1. beautiful poem,
    I am thrilled that Alexis White's work is represented here.

  2. What a beautiful, moving poem, the promise of just quietly being with someone, such a great gift. So touching. And not over-stated. Well done.

  3. "I will sit with you" - What a truly wonderful gift that would be.

    There is a real weight and beauty to these words.

    I love it.

  4. this is a beautiful poem - sharing each others burdens and diminish it by taking ones hand..love this

  5. A wonderful poem, Alexis! Deserves the honor of poem of the week!

  6. lovely through all stages of the dark ...very nice read..bkm

  7. Congrats this is beautiful!

  8. short but striking. :) i love it!


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