Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't Forget About Your Poetry Groups

A better understanding of your groups.

If you are a member of Poets United you have been assigned a poetry group. This happened the day you were entered into our Blogroll. Some folks do not yet even realize they are in a group. To find out which group you belong to please select our Poetry Groups tab above (or click here).

The concept of groups is meant to strengthen our community and introduce you to poets that like yourself wish to be read. Not all of us have the time to browse and entire blogroll and comment on every poet so we try to minimize that aspect. We created groups that consisted of no more than 4 poets. It is those poets in your group we ask that you at a minimum visit and leave comments every so often.

Your group experience is what you make of it and by no means are you limited to that group. If you feel inclined to follow more blogs (and many do) outside of your group then that is all the more better for us as Poets United. We have some groups that are very involved with one another and have created some wonderful friendships that are very supportive and we have other groups that are more like clouds just drifting into one another every so often. Your involvement here is what you make it. The more you visit and comment the more likely you are to have folks visit and comment on your posts.

We will occasionally move a few folks around to make it better for them or the group. It is not meant to be anything against the individual we are just trying to ensure a good fit.

So if you have not realized that you are in a group, please go check it out now. You may be missing out on some wonderful poetry and exposure

Robert Lloyd


  1. I have been looking for the Groups tab for a while. It disappeared that one day when some demon was at work here and never returned. Hope I will be able to see it again, Robert.

  2. Thanks for this, Robb. I only realized a day or so ago about the poetry groups, so went and checked mine out. I will try to be more supportive of my peeps..........I do trek around the entire site quite a bit, as well. So many amazing poets, it is a veritable FEAST!!!!!!!!!


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