Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thursday Think Tank - #10 Eyes

The Eyes

"For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be”
~Lord Alfred Tennyson

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. It seems generation after generation people reference the eyes in one way or another. What do the eyes tell you? Are they deep with despair? Do they light the smile that never touches the lips? Are they the guilty hiding from the crime? Maybe they are the smile of the youth lit bright for the world to see! What do you see in the eyes of man? Share with us your poem about the eyes. If we vote right now for our prompt for the week…the eyes have it.


  1. Your illustrations certainly say 'The eyes are the window to the soul'!

  2. Another older one but it fits the prompt nicely.

  3. Sorry I missed you last week. The school year is rapidly approaching, along with the eyes of children.

  4. "Eyes Steel Blue", a revision of a poem written after Paul Newman died

  5. Another great prompt! Thanks!


  6. Good prompt, an appropriate one for me this week, as it happens....:)

  7. Robb, I am a bit confused about the Thursday Think Tank prompts. I had assumed that here we were to share poetry newly written, and in the Poetry Pantry we were to share older poems if we wished...but it seems many are sharing older poems here. Like I say, I am confused...assumed the two areas were different.

  8. Everyone thanks for sharing I have yet to write or consider mine but it will be in soon enough. Busy big day tomorrow with our Wedding invite photo session and engagement photos so have been shopping for just the right look lol.

    @ Mary you are mostly correct the prompts are meant to inspire poetry but sometimes if you have already written for the topic it is easier to just post one that applies than do another. Theres no true hard and fast rule as long as you are on topic. The Pantry is for anything goes old, new, underviewed.

  9. I stumbled on an older poem with 'Eyes' in the title and I've never posted it on my blog before. Hope it's ok to share 2 here. If not, please let me know...


  10. Hi Robb, Thanks for the explanation. I had submitted older stuff at first, but was determined to begin trying to write something new and this week the prompt was right on target! I am going to work more on it, it was dashed off while making supper........but I think I want to expand and make it a more serious effort. I am loving all of the think tank prompts, suggestions, there is always something Happening on this site and I cant tell you how much I appreciate it - you - and the community of poets here. Yay!

  11. Posted mine this morning. Looking forward to reading other poems.

  12. Hi everyone,
    Mine is up and I think maybe it's not what everyone is looking for.
    I was thinking on one of my favorite authors since I was little - Agatha Christie and decided to dedicate this poem to her...

    Plus I am using a new form of poetry.

    Well, whoever said poetry is not risky aand adventurous...was certainly either very confident a writer or did not challenge the boundaries ever!

  13. The Witch's Eyes tells a tale of her past~

  14. This is my first time to enter, but the prompt of 'eyes' instantly brought to mind the photo I've posted. Looking forward to reading the other submissions...


  15. I'm in a haiku kinda mood today in case you couldn't tell.

  16. I have an old poem for this just seemed to work for the concept of the prompt....I am now going to dive into reading everyone else's prompt. :-)

  17. Robert and Poets United Friends,
    Number seventeen checking in all the way from The French Alps this week!!
    I just needed time and a connection to consider this week's excellent prompt.
    Please excuse me if I do not get the opportunity to post comments this week. I will a little later..........
    Thank you Robert.
    Best wishes

  18. I finally have added my poem. I was suffering from a minor case of writer's block, but hopefully the writing of this poem is going to snap me out of it. Please enjoy...

    ~Kristie (Just Me)

  19. Arg, I was too late, I thought this was this week's, so I wrote my "eyes poem" just for it.

  20. Nice..let me try writing a poem about eyes in this week.I did'nt notice that this is a prompt though..just new let me try now


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