Tuesday, August 24, 2010

carry on tuesday

Every so often Poets United will highlight other great poetry sources, communities or organizations that help to strengthen the foothold of poetry in the blogosphere. By doing this we open up other avenues or chances at creativity for our members and readers. It will not always be a major organization, it can be a small community with a unique twist or addition to the poetry world. If you as a reader stumble across a place you find to be great for the poets gathered here at Poets United please feel free to let us know so that we can possibly share them here.

Today we share with our reader:

carry on tuesday - carry on tuesday is a poetry community centered around the prompts offered to poets by the always thought provoking Keith Hillman. Each week Keith posts either a famous quotation, the opening lines of a book, a song or poem or something else along those lines and invites his friends and fellow writers to “carry on” where the words stop. It is up to you what you choose to do with these words. You may use some of the words or all of them. They can either be at the start of your piece or within the body of your work.

I really enjoy visiting this great prompt site because it never fails to get the creative juices flowing for me and if you happen to miss a week there is always the next one. Currently my passion or challenge with his prompts is taking every word in his quote or line and starting a new line of my own. It is an acrostic of sorts except instead of the letters I use an entire word. I’m sure there is a style name for this type of poetry (maybe one of you can tell me if so).

No matter what way you choose to approach the prompts found at carry on tuesday know that the poets who participate there are all amazing and supportive. It’s a very fun community where the more you participate and comment the more likely others will do so in return. The prompt can appear as early as Sunday but never falls later than its namesake.

I hope to see some of you folks there on Tuesday. I’m excited to see how you approach the challenge and fun of carry on tuesday

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  1. Thanks for visiting me and great to see you promote Carry on Tuesday. Keith is a long term blogging friend of mine and I think he is a great writer as well. I haven't been able to write a lot lately being a working mum but I love it. Arohanui from NZ


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