Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pamela Sayers

Pamela Sayers is an English teacher living in Puebla, Mexico, who’s truly passionate about two things: dogs and poetry … in that order. To the average observer, it would be difficult to determine which is the strongest passion for Pamela, although her dogs do seem to demand more attention, until one realizes that Pamela is constantly at her laptop writing, with her four perpetual puppies constantly cuddled around her and her laptop, vying for attention for the ultimate position - her lap.

She currently teaches English to Mexican students both privately and in businesses, while doing a bit of translation work on the side. Who would have thought a girl moving down to Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish, would be translating the language for a living? She doesn't speak Spanish at home, she watches t.v. in English and her husband speaks English … so there aren't many opportunities to practice. Yet language is such a passion for Pamela that she breezes along, writing her poetry in her new home in Mexico, a place where family and friends are what are important … and, of course, dogs.

If you would like to learn more about Pamela please vist Poetry With Me


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